Join Phoenix Ortho’s First-Ever Customer Virtual Summit!

October 28, 2021

Phoenix Ortho is proud to announce that we’re launching our first-ever annual virtual summit on Friday, November 12 & 13, exclusively for our customers!  We’ve assembled a gathering of experts in orthopedic practice management, business operations, and more to help you find new ways to improve your orthopedic clinic!

What Is a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is an online event that allows people from different geographic locations to “attend” it using telecommunications technology. Normally, these events take the form of an extended Q & A session or presentation with multiple speakers being interviewed by the event’s host.

What Is Phoenix Ortho Doing for Its First Virtual Summit?

To celebrate the launch of its inaugural virtual summit, the Phoenix Ortho team is bringing a variety of speakers to discuss a diverse range of topics.

Who Will Be Presenting at the Summit?

Event speakers for the 2021 Phoenix Ortho virtual summit include:

  • Paul McCune, Phoenix Ortho CEO
  • Carrie Kerskie, Cybersecurity Culture Speaker & Trainer
  • Theresa Nguyen, RN, Leader and Influencer Building Online Communities
  • Kyle Meadors, MIPS  /MACRA / CQM Expert
  • Maria Basile, MD, Healthcare Quality & Physician Leadership Expert
  • Jay Thompson, Company Culture & Teamwork Expert
  • Micah Jones, Phoenix Ortho COO
  • Pam Bilinski, Phoenix Ortho Content Manager & Sr. CSM
  • Andres Hernandez, Phoenix Ortho Support Team Manager

What Orthopedic Practice Topics Will the Virtual Summit Cover?

Phoenix Ortho’s exclusive online event will address topics and concerns that orthopedic surgeons, practice managers, and other staff might find important, such as:

There’s a little something for nearly every Phoenix Ortho EHR | PACS | PM user in the virtual summit!

Attendee Giveaways

To help celebrate Phoenix Ortho’s first virtual summit, we’re offering conference attendees a chance to win an iPad, a gift card or premium offer from one of the summit’s guest speakers!

Every attendee who registers for at least one session is entered into the giveaways when they answer a poll or ask a question.

What’s the Schedule for the Virtual Summit?

The virtual summit will be held across three different sessions on Friday, November 12 and Saturday, November 13.


The Friday AM Session (November 12 at 9:30 AM CT):

9:30 AM CT Paul McCune
PhoenixGo: Bringing Phoenix to Browsers and iPads

10:00 AM CT Carrie Kerskie
Build a Cyber Security Culture that Works

11:00 AM CT Pam Bilinski
Get ready for 2022 / Year End Close

11:30 AM CT Theresa Nguyen, RN
Reconnecting You to Patient Centered Care

The Friday PM Session (November 12 at 2:00 PM CT):

1:00 PM CT Kyle Meadors
MIPS, 21st Century Cures Act & Information Blocking

2:00 PM CT Pam Bilinski

Avoiding and Surviving Audits - Documentation Counts

2:30 PM CT Andres Hernandez
The Top 3 Avoidable Support Issues

3:00 PM CT Micah Jones

Phoenix Ortho COO // Closing Remarks


The Saturday AM Session (November 13 at 10:30 AM CT):

9:30 AM CT Micah Jones
Phoenix Ortho COO // Opening Remarks

10:00 AM CT Maria Basile, MD MBA
Developing Trust in your Practice

10:30 AM CT Jay Thompson
Creating Outstanding Team Culture

11:15 AM CT Micah Jones
Make It Easy on your Patients, your Staff and Yourself

How Can I Join?

Customers who want to sign up for one of the three sessions, can do so on our Virtual Summit Registration page! Have questions about the summit or Phoenix Ortho? Reach out to us directly for more info!

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