How to Use Phoenix Kiosk to Improve Your Orthopedic Practice

February 12, 2021

Patient check-in can be an enormous bottleneck for any orthopedic clinic. From patient data management, to verifying payment information, health histories, and more, there are many steps to the check-in workflow that can be a headache for both clinic staff and for patients.

Relying on manual data entry processes slows patient check-in even further as patients record their data on paper forms that then have to be reviewed carefully—consuming large amounts of time and labor even when corrections aren’t needed!

This is where a digital patient portal and check-in solution like Phoenix Kiosk can help. What is Phoenix Kiosk? How does it help improve patient data management and check in processes? What are some Phoenix Kiosk uses for orthopedic clinics?

What Is Phoenix Kiosk?

Phoenix Kiosk is a patient-facing intake solution built specifically for the needs of orthopedic clinics. It simplifies the patient data capture and data management process to save orthopedic practices time, labor, and money while improving documentation and patient satisfaction.

5 Phoenix Kiosk Uses for Orthopedic Clinics

The primary use of Phoenix Kiosk is as a tool for managing the patient check-in and data management process. However, the benefits of Phoenix Kiosk go well beyond simply being a tool for patient intake:

  • Improving Patient Satisfaction. When checking into or out of an orthopedic clinic, patients don’t want to have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Phoenix Kiosk simplifies the check-in process so that new and returning patients don’t have to spend so much time flipping through forms and verifying that they’ve filled in everything—saving time so they’re more satisfied at check-in.
  • Reducing Bottlenecks at Patient Check In. Filling out manual forms takes time. For a busy orthopedic clinic where each orthopedist might see 20 or more patients a day, a 5- to 10-minute patient intake process can cost several hours of time. Simplifying patient intake with a digital patient portal can save clinics a lot of time that would be wasted on waiting for paper form fills. This helps reduce bottlenecks in the clinical workflow so more patients can be processed each day.
  • Saving Labor on Patient Data Management. Instead of having to manually review every form field on every patient intake form, copying that data into the appropriate patient chart manually, and managing rows of cabinets filled with sign-in sheets, orthopedic clinic staff can let Phoenix Kiosk do the heavy lifting. When a patient completes their sign-in from the tablet-based Kiosk app, their data, including patient health histories, payment information, and more, will be automatically associated with the appropriate patient chart in the Phoenix Ortho Electronic Health Record (EHR) software suite. This massively simplifies the patient data management workflow while reducing the risk of manual data entry errors.
  • Streamlining Payment Collection. With Phoenix Kiosk users can pay their co-pay, make a payment on their account, and even set up payment plans before a patient visit even begins (this feature is in conjunction with Phoenix Ortho PM).  This can help to streamline the payment collection process. Additionally, by improving patient data management and capturing more information up front, it is easier for orthopedic practices to generate the best billing codes for each visit to maximize collections while minimizing audit risk.
  • Enforcing Form Fills for Required Information. With paper-based patient intake processes, it’s all too easy for the patient and a busy clinic staff to miss an important form field among the masses of paperwork being filed. Using an electronic patient check in solution like Phoenix Kiosk helps eliminate the risk of missing important form fields.  Smart forms can even fill in key data for specific patients using advanced practice-driven rules engines based on elapsed time and/or specific physicians in the clinic.

Wondering how to use Phoenix Kiosk for your own orthopedic practice to save time, money, and paperwork? Reach out to the Phoenix Ortho team today to get started!

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