3 Reasons to Have Patient Check In Kiosk Software

November 16, 2018

The patient check-in process is among the most deceptively important components of every clinic visit. This step in the patient care coordination process sets the tone and is the process that allows doctors to gain an understanding of why a patient is there before they ever walk into an examination room.

When everything works, the process is great. When things go wrong — you run out of paper check-in sheets, patient data is incorrect or missing, or forms get misplaced or misfiled — it can slow down the daily workflow and disrupt the daily timeline of scheduled appointments. This is where a physical patient check in kiosk or tablet can help.

The use of patient self service kiosks, which operate using patient check in kiosk software, is how many modern clinics simplify the process and help to reduce costs. But, what precisely is patient check in kiosk software, and how does it benefit the workflow and bottom line of orthopaedic practices and other medical clinics?

How Patient Check In Kiosk Software Benefits Orthopaedic Practices

Orthopaedic practices and other clinics that want to speed up their patient check in process and collect accurate patient data more efficiently are turning to patient self service kiosk technology. Patient check in kiosk software applications accomplish both goals and make the process easy for the patients and your front desk staff by:

  • Enhancing workflow,
  • Increasing efficiency,
  • Increasing patient engagement, and
  • Freeing up providers’ time to increase their effectiveness.

1. Patient Check In, Check Out & Payment Processes Are Simplified

According to the ninth annual Vitals Index, wait times play an important role in patient satisfaction: 84% of surveyed individuals report wait time as “somewhat important” or “very important” to their experience at a doctor’s office, and 30% walk out of a provider’s office due to long wait times.

When someone is visiting a doctor, they don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to complete a bunch of paperwork that requires them to write everything out manually. Phoenix Ortho’s patient check in kiosk software, called Phoenix Kiosk, is a patient application that empowers patients to review, edit, and manage their medical histories electronically in your office. This patient engagement can enhance your relationships with patients, leading to positive future interactions.

However, we take this experience a step further by enabling patients to enjoy the convenience of using a tablet to complete their new registration and update existing patient data. During the application process, they have the option of selecting pre-filled responses to medical questions or manually entering their answers as well.

Furthermore, Phoenix Ortho partners who use Phoenix Kiosk can offer patients the convenience of paying their copays, deductibles, payment plan installments, and any outstanding balances via credit card transactions using a tablet.

2. Electronic Health Histories & Records Are Generated Automatically

Increasingly, orthopaedic clinic staff members are expected to do more with less. Many providers spend hours doing unnecessary paperwork when they should be treating patients due to antiquated systems that slow down vital clinic processes.

Because the Phoenix Kiosk application works with Phoenix Ortho’s advanced orthopaedic specific EHR|PACS|PM solution, it means that:

  • The patient check in kiosk software gathers general health and orthopaedic-specific histories and instantly inputs the patient data into their record.
  • Patients can input their information digitally using a convenient iOS, or Windows-based tablet.
  • By the time the patient reaches the exam room, the provider already has access to their information digitally.

3. Reduce Paper Health Record Waste and Disposal Fees

Phoenix Ortho’s tablet-based patient application makes the patient check in process simple for patients and more efficient for your practice. No longer do you need to worry about the proper shredding and disposal of hard-copy paper health records and the fees that go along with it. And, without manual records to input, your front desk staff members are freed up to perform other business objectives and patient-focused responsibilities.

Phoenix Kiosk patient check in kiosk software makes registration, patient data input and maintenance, and health record access easy for patients, front desk staff, and physicians alike. Contact the team at Phoenix Ortho to discuss how our kiosk software can benefit your clinic operations and patient satisfaction.

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