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September 19, 2016

With the final guidelines for the new CMS Proposed Rule for 2017 (and beyond) waiting to be announced, many are asking all the ways of HOW they will be effected. Macra_Mips.jpg

As with all government rules and certifications, Phoenix Ortho will be ready with the needed certifications and processes in place to help our customers with compliance and reporting with this new Value Based Incentive program. Our Project Managers and in-house MU & PQRS specialist are already up on the most recent updates from CMS and are already prepping customers for the new program. 

Below is a portion of the update by our specialist published on our Help Site with the current CMS updates to answer any current questions.  For customers with questions this article or the recording of the live training does not cover, please contact Support to request to speak with a project manager. 


Below is a summary of the FULL article MACRA located on our Help Site. 

by Liz Meitner, MU & PQRS Specialist / Project Manager

The MACRA article on our help site will give you general information on the Proposed Rule for 2017. THIS IS STILL A PROPOSED RULE.  No FINAL rule has been published to date.  We will update our information as it is published to keep you informed, as well as when the final rule is published by CMS.

For more information, please refer to the CMS website:  MIPS Overview

Customers, can also see the live webinar training on the Proposed Rule:  Proposed Rule 2017 Overview

*You must be logged in to the Help Site as a customer to view the webinar.


Proposed TimelineEdit section

This is an aggressive timeline.  Reporting to start January 1, 2017 and the rule has not been finalized to date.


Proposed Performance CategoriesEdit section

The new MIPS allows Medicare clinicians to be paid for providing high quality, efficient care through success in four performance categories.  



Why should you participate?

There is a lot of flexibility with the MIPS program.  It is not like the "all or nothing" Meaningful Use is, it has options for you to pick what best fits your practice.


Scoring Proposal



Incentive Adjustments ProposalEdit section



For the FULL article see: MACRA



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