Customer Updates: Version 4.00.209 is now available.

September 29, 2017

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Customers: Phoenix Ortho recommends customers currently running a version ending in “.2xx” to upgrade to Version 4.00.209 beta if you wish to take advantage of the many improvements and enhancements this version contains within the next two weeks.  For a listing of enhancements and fixes in this version, see the Release Note: 


  • This version is only for customers currently running a version that ends in ".2xx". While it is a beta version it has been thoroughly tested in-house by our quality team and found to be stable. If you would like to receive it, by accepting a deployment you are agreeing to act as a release testing center according to our published guidelines. Please read our release testing center guidelines.  
  • This upgrade is required in order to run the final MIPS reports that will be available later this week. The reports are NOT required to meet MIPS standards; as long as providers are following the instructions found at*, they will meet the standards. The reports simply allow you to monitor ongoing progress more precisely than the current reports. We urge all customers to schedule an update for as soon as possible in order take advantage of the final MIPS reports when they are deployed.

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Schedule deployment of the latest version by contacting support:  

Need additional help?

Live Customer Training sessions will be made available to cover the new features of Version 4.00.209. Watch your inbox or for updated sessions for these and any future Live Customer Training sessions.

Additional training for Phoenix Ortho is always available upon request by contacting Support; available M-F, 7am – 7pm CT by calling (800) 843-8179, Option 3, by email: or by chat:

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~ Your Phoenix Ortho Team

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