Phoenix Ortho Launches New Telemedicine Solution for Orthopedics

April 14, 2020

The Phoenix Ortho team is proud to announce that we’ve launched a new telemedicine solution called Phoenix InTeleMed. It is now available for free to all current Phoenix Ortho customers.

This new telemedicine solution was created by the Phoenix Ortho team to help orthopedic doctors increase their reach, improve collections, and save time. However, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our solution is also proving helpful for reducing infection risks for orthopedic physicians by allowing them to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

What is telemedicine? How does it help orthopedic clinics? Read on to learn about Phoenix InTeleMed and how orthopedic clinics can use it.

A Quick Explanation of Telemedicine

The word “telemedicine” refers to a type of health information technology (HIT) or system that is used by doctors to remotely service patients—typically by performing remote diagnoses and creating treatment regimens or even prescribing medications over the phone.

Telemedicine is a relatively recent development in healthcare, allowing patients to send doctors descriptions of their symptoms via text, email, or voicemail without having to leave their homes. Doctors can then review these symptoms, reach out to the patient for more details, and establish treatment regimens or provide a recommendation for a more detailed examination as needed.

Remote medical diagnosis services can the perfect way for doctors to keep appointments with patients when their patients can’t visit the office in person. Take, for example, the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay at home orders and the risk of spreading infection have made in-person visits impractical (and potentially dangerous). With a telemedicine service, orthopedic clinics can provide basic, non-emergency services remotely.

How Can Telemedicine Solutions Help Clinics?

Telemedicine software solutions like Phoenix InTeleMed can help orthopedic clinics in numerous ways. Using a solution like Phoenix Ortho’s telemedicine service can help orthopedic doctors:

  • Increase Collections. Phoenix InTeleMed is optimized to help orthopedic doctors set billing codes and will automatically forward generated codes to the charge ticket—smoothing out the collections process and improving revenue. Combined with the ability to see more patients, this can help to increase overall collections for the practice.

  • Reach More Patients. For some patients, making the trip to your clinic isn’t a practical option—whether it’s because of limited mobility, difficulty locating the clinic on a map, or simply being unable to leave their home for other reasons. Telemedicine remote visits allow these patients to “visit” orthopedic clinics virtually to get the care they need. This, in turn, helps orthopedic practices reach new patients who might otherwise be missed—which further helps to increase collections for your orthopedic practice.

  • Save Time. In-person patient visits take time for both the doctor and the patient. Virtual visits help both sides save time and get on with their day. For example, orthopedic specialists can review the details and images sent by a patient describing their condition to prepare for the conversation before it begins—helping to save time that might otherwise be spent on asking a broad series of questions to narrow down the problem. Meanwhile, patients get to skip long drives and having to wait in a clinic’s lobby.

  • Prevent the Spread of Illnesses. Infectious diseases like COVID-19 thrive in high-contact environments where people may end up physically touching one another (or items that have recently been sneezed or coughed on). Clinics of any type can be particularly susceptible, as people carrying infectious diseases like coronavirus may come into contact with other patients in the waiting room, front office staff during check-in processes, and doctors during physical examinations. Using Phoenix InTeleMed allows orthopedic surgeons to avoid physical contact and infection risks.

Who is Telemedicine For?

A telemedicine visit can solve many patient's needs. Some examples include:

  • Post-op follow up;
  • Physical therapy recommendations; and
  • Remote diagnosis of orthopedic conditions.

These are just a few of the types of non-emergency visits that an orthopedic clinic could conduct remotely without sacrificing quality of care in the least.

If you’re wondering whether a telemedicine solution like Phoenix InTeleMed is right for you, reach out to the Phoenix Ortho team today for more information. Remember: our telemedicine software is free for all current Phoenix Ortho subscribers, so it won’t cost anything to add to your Phoenix Ortho EHR if you already have it.

Are you ready to start conducting remote visits with patients? Visit our Phoenix InTeleMed signup page now!

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