Phoenix Ortho Adds iPrescribe for Orthopedics on the Go!

June 18, 2021

Phoenix Ortho is working to deliver new mobile solutions to our current and future customers. Previously, we launched Phoenix InTeleMed, with optional Telemed video and text chat Backline mobile app, powered by DrFirst, to give orthopedic clinics telemedicine capabilities during the pandemic.

Now, Phoenix Ortho is adding a new mobile application called iPrescribe.
What is iPrescribe? What will it do? What do you need to do to use it? Here are some answers to help you discover what this application will mean for your orthopedic practice:

What is iPrescribe?

iPrescribe is an application for mobile phones that can be downloaded from both Apple and Google Play stores. Once installed, a physician can use the app to do anything they could normally do from the desktop e-prescribe app.

What Can You Do with iPrescribe?

iPrescribe allows users to access their prescription medication workflow from their smartphones virtually anywhere they have an internet connection.

Key functions of iPrescribe include:

  • Writing, managing, and approving prescriptions from your phone;
  • Integrating with the Phoenix Ortho EHR and DrFirst Rcopia® solutions to share medication data;
  • Checking drug histories for patients and performing drug-to-drug interaction checks;
  • Providing specialty-specific medication suggestions;
    Signing off on drug prescription renewals and pending medications.

Customers who are interested in Adding iPrescribe to Your Orthopedic Practice: Submit a Support Ticket Now!

Anyone with an active e-prescribe account through Phoenix Ortho can get an iPrescribe account for free!

How Do These Features Help My Orthopedic Practice?

Why would an orthopedic physician want to use a telehealth solution for managing prescription medications? There are quite a few reasons.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Using a mobile app to manage prescriptions can help the clinic save time and provide better service to patients—increasing patient satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

For example, when a patient calls a clinic because they forgot to get a renewal for an important medication needed for their orthopedic surgery post-op treatment, iPrescribe can help your team fulfill the request. If they call in to their orthopedic clinic when the physician who normally handles the medication is out of office on lunch and only regular (non-credentialed) clinic staff are on hand to take the request, normally they’d have to wait for a call back, potentially delaying care.

With iPrescribe, a staff member can queue up the prescription online or in the app, and then the prescriber attached to the script will get a push notification on their phone through the app. From there, they can review the prescription and approve or deny it as needed.

Minimizing Adverse Drug Reaction Risks

iPrescribe’s ability to check drug-to-drug interactions also helps physicians improve patient safety while on the go. For example, say a physician needs to prescribe a muscle relaxant to a patient to prevent muscle spasms that could exacerbate a muscle or skeletal injury. However, that patient is already on a different medication that has a known interaction with some muscle relaxants.

With iPrescribe, the prescribing physician can check the patient’s drug history and flag potentially harmful drug interactions from anywhere. So, instead of having to go all the way to their clinic’s computer and log into the patient record, they can pull it up on their phone while in the room with the patient and pick the best medication right away.

This can also be helpful when dealing with informed and engaged patients who want to use a specific medication. With the drug interaction warning, the prescribing physician can tell a patient that: “Medication A has a negative interaction with Medication B, so your medications need to be adjusted.” Giving this explanation can help prevent patients from proactively trying to acquire medications that may prove harmful to them.

Reducing Paperwork

The Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) helps to eliminate the need for lengthy manual forms. Not only is using EPCS solutions faster than writing out every prescription, it simplifies documentation management for the whole clinic. Instead of having to search for paper files, doctors can simply retrieve orders from the app on their phone whenever they need to check for prescription records.

What about PDMP?

Some states may require clinics to have a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). The iPrescribe app, for an additional cost, has PDMP support available for clinics that need it.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Orthopedic Clinic’s Drug Prescription Workflows?

With iPrescribe, any time you want to access your electronic patient medication history information, you can simply log into the app and search the patient’s name or the medication name in the app.

You can also use the app to send prescriptions for patients remotely—such as you might do after a virtual visit using Phoenix Ortho’s InTeleMed solution. All it takes is a few quick button presses and you can set the prescription duration, dosage, quantity, and refills allowed in moments. Ditch the prescription pad while saving time.

Paired with DrFirst’s Backline solution, the iPrescribe app allows you to communicate with pharmacists, peers, and patients quickly. Additionally, a real-time drug pricing tool checks drug costs and patient insurance coverage so you can let them know out-of-pocket costs before they even leave your clinic.

Are you ready to transform the way your whole practice manages the drug prescription process? Meet with Phoenix Ortho to get started!


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