November 22, 2013

With The Chordettes “Mr. Sandman” playing in the background, a crowd donning buttons with the phrase “What’s Your Dream?” began gathering around Jon “Mr. Sandman” McCune, COO of Phoenix Ortho, who was dressed the part in full nightgown

sandman and winnerand cap at the wine tasting event on the final night of this year’s AAOE convention in New Orleans.  Each person was hoping to be the one who would be winning the 47” LG, 3-D LED television hanging in the booth which was the grand prize giveaway from Phoenix Ortho. 

James Egloff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Ortho explained, “The television giveaway was a mechanism to help us drive home our theme for this year’s show, ‘It’s Time to Dream Again.’  As the leader in orthopaedic-specific electronic health records we are keenly aware of the fear that exists among practices as they face the reality of digital automation in medical records.  We wanted to highlight the tremendous success stories that our practices have been able to achieve implementing our patent-pending, revolutionary software.”

“All of our doctors are satisfied with Phoenix Ortho – some of them still dictate, others chart at the point-of-care – with Phoenix Ortho it doesn’t matter,” said Terry Rosenthall, administrator of The Orthopaedic Clinic in Opelika, AL.  Although he did not win any of the prizes at the giveaway he seemed to have a good time at the event.

“For far too long fear-mongering has been the favorite sales tactic for lesser software companies who offer only a partial solution for orthopaedic practices,” said Paul McCune, CEO and founder of Phoenix Ortho. 

“We agree – the track record of multi-specialty EHR companies has been a failure when it comes toorthopaedic implementations.  We analyzed the problem, determined the best technological solutions to address the unique concerns of orthopaedic surgeons, and we fixed them.”

“EHR has crashed and burned in orthopaedics.  Phoenix Ortho rose from the ashes”, so says the opening graphic of the Phoenix Ortho website ( and Kalen Privatsky, administrator of Valley Orthopaedics, a 27 provider practice in Renton, WA, certainly agrees.  “We were one of the early adopters when Phoenix Ortho first started marketing their EHR nationally.  We evaluated the other large, multi-specialty vendors in the market and ultimately determined that we needed to partner with a company that concentrated on orthopaedics.  We determined that this was the only way we could future proof our purchase.”

Kalen continued, “Now here we are, years later, and Phoenix Ortho has continued to develop a leading edge product, even meeting Meaningful Use Certification.  I had no idea then that the federal government would eventually pay us back for our entire purchase price.  That is a real testament to Phoenix Ortho’s innovation and technological expertise.”

As Heart’s 1986 #1 song, “These Dreams” cycled through the music rotation, the anticipation of the crowd began to build.  Each of the individuals wearing the “What’s Your Dream?” button was given a ticket that gave them a chance to win a prize.  In addition to the grand prize of the television, Phoenix Ortho also gave away three anti-stress, microwavable neck pillows and an 8” Visio tablet portable computer.  Ultimately the time came for the grand prize giveaway, and the winner was Jacque Stahl, Marketing Director for Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, Olympia, Washington.  “My husband is never going to believe this.  I never win anything,” she said as Phoenix Ortho staff took down shipping information on where to deliver her new television.james at giveaway

“I would say the show was a tremendous success for our company”, said Mr. Egloff.  “We came here with a mission to let practices know that EHRs do work in orthopaedics and that it is o.k. to go ahead and dream about how digital automation can improve orthopaedic medicine.  Practices no longer need to listen to the vendors that say a half-solution is the only solution that will work.  You truly can have it all.”

As the crowd began to dwindle following the grand prize giveaway, a few individuals began asking questions about the Phoenix Ortho software with the sales staff.  It was then that theWilson Philips 80s tune, “The Dream is Still Alive” had its turn in the music list.  Apropos, wouldn’t you say?

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