COA & C-Bones 2018 in San Francisco! See you there?

May 10, 2018

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EHR solutions are the backbone of modern orthopaedic practices. Your clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction rates, professional reputation and financial sustainability all hinge on how well your EHR can support your key workflows, such as rapid charting and integrated MRI and X-ray imaging. 

At Phoenix Ortho, we provide an EHR designed specifically and exclusively for orthopaedics. Unfocused, multispecialty EHRs might seem good in theory, but in reality they often make you jump through too many hoops without any real benefit for your extra efforts. The American Medical Association has documented the widespread physician dissatisfaction with EHRs, citing specific hurdles such as:

  • Diminished face-to-face interactions with patients because of time spent in the EHR.
  • Numerous distractions such as pop-ups and extraneous menus, many of which are ignored anyway.
  • Limited options for who can enter data into the system, including no portals for patients to supply key details and reduce their in-office wait times.
  • Poor, fragmented tracking of each patient's progression of care, including referrals, labs, consultations, etc.

Dodging obstacles can result in broken bones, but attempting to avoid EHR issues can result in poor patient satisfaction.

With our solution, an all-in-one platform combining an EHR with a picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and Practice Management (PM) software, you can not only provide physical relief to patients, but also ensure your orthopaedic practice is on the track to success.

Come learn more at this year's California Orthopaedic Association (COA) Annual Meeting, which is concurrent with the C-Bones Annual Meeting, held at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis from May 31 to June 3, 2018.

Share your clinic’s current EHR work-up and we’ll tell you the benefits of our Phoenix Ortho EHR | PACS | PM.

Connect with Phoenix Ortho at COA/C-Bones 2018 to discover a better EHR

COA, a major orthopaedic conference for more than 25 years running, is always full of opportunities to network with orthopaedic professionals, earn crucial CME hours and explore new products and services. More than 500 orthopaedic surgeons and over 70 practice managers are expected to attend COA 2018.

By visiting the Phoenix Ortho booth at the event, you can find out more about our unique orthopaedic-specific EHR and how it has already transformed the vitals of practices across the U.S. We know that orthopaedic practitioners have particular needs that necessitate an EHR that's reliable, scalable and cost-effective, and we built a solution to meet these exact requirements. With our EHR/PACS/PM, you can:

  • Chart by impression with a system that rapidly learns your preferences and protocols.
  • Coordinate care across the entire clinic so everyone always has the most up-to-date information.
  • Perform real-time charge capture so that all diagnoses and billing codes are ready at the end of a patient's visit.

Learn more about Phoenix Ortho before COA 2018

We're excited to see orthopaedic professionals like you at COA 2018. If you want to get a head start learning about our EHR, be sure to visit our freshly redesigned website, where you can sign up for a no-obligation product demo.

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