What Is Healthcare Cloud?

July 07, 2023

Nurses recording data with tablets or laptops instead of a pen and paper is an increasingly common sight. In the healthcare industry, the goal is to achieve the most positive possible patient outcomes while maximizing revenue. To do so, orthopedic practices must be equipped with the right tools for secure experiences and easy-to-use communication solutions. 

Today’s orthopedic practices utilize modern technology for easier data management and improved access to patient records, but juggling multiple vendors for different healthcare software solutions can pose some challenges. That’s where the Phoenix Ortho healthcare cloud solution comes into play.  

What Is Healthcare Cloud?

The healthcare cloud model brings patients together with their healthcare provider in a single, easy-to-use platform. This innovative software solution provides a suite of services conveniently connected to internet-connected servers. Instead of wasting precious time sifting through old file cabinets, find up-to-date documentation on a server that is customized to fit the needs of your organization. 

With Phoenix Ortho’s healthcare cloud solution, your Phoenix Ortho Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can be integrated with your other orthopedic software platform modules, such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) even more completely than before. 

Simplify the process for cloud and off-premises backup for your most important data by leveraging a hybrid cloud solution that gives you complete control over your software.

Benefits of Healthcare Cloud for Orthopedics

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm in the healthcare industry. MarketsAndMarkets’ research findings suggest that the global healthcare cloud computing market will be more $89.4 billion by 2027. When orthopedic practices begin to utilize cloud capabilities in tandem with on-prem servers, they can expect to find a wide range of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. 

Time-Saving Solutions

A huge factor of cloud computing for orthopedics is the ability to boost efficiency within healthcare settings. Cloud software is customizable to fit the needs of different practices, meaning orthopedic doctors will easily be able to find the right forms and documents that pertain to their patients. With fewer clicks to find what they’re looking for, healthcare providers can save valuable time to give patients the care that they need. 

Additionally, cloud servers allow for easy communication between patients and their doctors. Healthcare clouds often have patient portals, where users can quickly view medical records and send messages all within the same platform. Instead of waiting around for a call from doctors, patients can immediately find the information that they are looking for. Not only will this make all interactions smooth, it will also significantly increase patient satisfaction. 

Management Systems

Integrated PACS and EHR software means that patient records are conveniently organized for management purposes. When collecting patient information, it is immediately stored in the proper location. This will make it easy for doctors and nurses to navigate to the appropriate medical records when needed. 

The management systems that are integrated with cloud computing software also allow for emergency recovery when something goes awry. Whether that’s a power outage or an accidentally deleted file, these systems provide backups and automatically save documents to ensure that critical information is never lost. 

Shared Data Capabilities

In the past, with multiple different platforms to complete different tasks, it was difficult to share data. For example, EHR systems and PACS solutions that were housed in different locations introduced challenges for orthopedic doctors. When these two systems are compatible on a single server, all data can be shared quickly and easily, eliminating the need for multiple vendors to provide simple functions within one organization.

Identity Access

A large hesitation regarding cloud management is its ability to keep private data secure. With identity access management, orthopedic practices have control over who can view healthcare data and how they may find it. 

Whether this comes from password management tools or multi-step user authentication practices, cloud servers protect patient information like never before. Increased security capabilities will provide both patients and their doctors with peace of mind knowing that their medical records are kept safe. 

HIPAA Compliance

In relation to secure orthopedic practices, cloud computing is an excellent way to stay in line with HIPAA regulations. Cloud software uses VPNs and encryption tools to keep all input data secure. Cloud computing also allows for orthopedic practices to easily update healthcare records to align with regulations and comply with metrics-driven reporting obligations. 

While it is common for healthcare providers to show concern over a cloud-based server’s ability to be HIPAA compliant, new technology helps to ensure that the privacy of patients and employees remains protected. 

Automated Workflows

In the past, entering patient information was quite tedious, and often introduced workflow bottlenecks. Instead of manually entering patient information from forms into a clinic’s network, patients can use portals to automatically enter their data so all records are up-to-date. 

Automation processes also make collecting payments easier than ever. Patients who owe money can be automatically notified so their healthcare providers don’t need to waste time tracking them down. With automated practices in place, orthopedic doctors will be able to provide their patients with the care that they need without any unnecessary roadblocks. 

Get a Ready-to-Use Cloud Solution from Phoenix Ortho!

Using a single cloud server for all orthopedic needs comes with a range of amazing benefits. From increased patient satisfaction to simplified workflows, Phoenix Ortho’s healthcare cloud solution will transform the way doctors provide care for their patients.

Phoenix Ortho’s Cloud hosting will enhance your orthopedic practice. With innovative software technology that utilizes both browser and hardware-based systems, your team will have the flexibility and control needed to provide a high level of care. 

Don’t wait to upgrade your management software. Instead, reach out to Phoenix Ortho to learn more about healthcare cloud for orthopedic practices of any size!

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