January 08, 2015

Our most recent Texas client, a 6 physician, 1 PA group, stands to realize a net gain, AFTER paying for Phoenix Ortho software and 5 years of support, of over $980,000.00! Let me show you a Return on Investment (ROI) that makes Phoenix Ortho the perfect choice for your group. 

Consider the following:

If I twisted my knee, or injured my shoulder, and asked you for advice on a physician to see, would you suggest to me that I go see my Primary Care Physician? Of course not! You would send me to a specialist, an orthopedic physician that has the training, experience, and know-how to properly take care of my injury and put me on the road to recovery.

Why then, would you handle one of the biggest, furthest-reaching, and most critical decisions an orthopedic practice can make, the selection of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, any differently? Orthopedic physicians and their staffs have unique workflows, volume, and needs. The EHR you select is a tool, not unlike the highly specialized tools that orthopedic surgeons use in the operating room, that will be used on every patient the physician sees, and will have a profound impact on the efficiency, workflow, and growth of your practice.

The vast majority of EHR's on the market were designed for Primary Care. They then made a few templates for cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology, and 30 other specialties before they got around to orthopedics. Just because a vendor puts some ortho terminology in the solution (meniscus, impingement) doesn't mean they TRULY have orthopedic content. Look on their website, and you'll see that they are offering their solution to 30 or more medical specialties, one of which happens to be orthopedics. It's like the Primary Care Provider that treats the common cold and a host of generic ailments suddenly deciding he's going to repair a torn rotator cuff! How would you expect that patient to heal?

An administrator recently told me that the two worst things an orthopedic administrator can deal with is

negotiating physician contracts and selecting an EHR; either of these decisions, if handled incorrectly, could cost the administrator his/her job.

Phoenix Ortho cannot help with negotiating physician contracts, but we can certainly help with your EHR decision. Our unique product was designed solely to meet the unique needs of orthopedic physicians. Orthopedic EHR is the ONLY thing we do. We don't even offer a solution for any other specialty. This very narrow focus has enabled us to develop a product that truly works for orthopedic physicians, reduces costs, and increases revenues.

There has never been a better time to make the one key decision that could impact your bottom line AND quality of life. The right EHR, one that specializes in orthopedic workflow, can deliver what physicians long for; a tool that really does allow the busy orthopedic physician to, among other things:
• Realize an ROI that pays for itself while adding revenue, making this choice a great business decision!
• Document the patient encounter properly and quickly.
• Attach digital images to the patient chart, where they belong!
• Eliminate (that's right- ELIMINATE!) transcription expenses, which average $1200-$1500 per physician per month, one of the largest expense categories in today's ortho clinic.
• Capture all procedure and diagnosis codes. (How many practices lose thousands each year through oversight and poor documentation?)
• Select the proper E & M coding while adding a layer of protection against a RAC audit. (How many practices lose tens of thousands each year by under-coding, fearful of the government audit?)
• Qualify for and attest for Meaningful Use.
• Miracle of all miracles: leave the office at closing time with all charts completed, consult notes sent, desk clear, ready to start a new day tomorrow!

Now is the perfect time to make the move to Phoenix Ortho, the RIGHT EHR for orthopedic physicians:
• 1st year attestation only requires 90 consecutive days of Meaningful Use with a certified product.
• Stage II MU, set to start in 2014, only requires 90 consecutive days of Meaningful Use with a certified product.
• Those physicians starting the process in 2013, in addition to realizing all the benefits that our orthopedic-specific EHR can offer (above), can also receive up to $39,000.00 in incentive reimbursement per physician over the next 4 years.

At Phoenix Ortho, we're specialists, just like you. We have the training, experience, and know-how to properly, efficiently, and effectively help you be successful with one of the most critical decisions you can make for your practice, the selection of the RIGHT EHR.

We firmly believe that by building our product exclusively for the needs of orthopedic practices and in a way that is "physician user-friendly" we have achieved a solution that will help groups like yours realize the full benefit of what digital automation has promised for the practice of orthopedic medicine.
Let us show you a custom Return on Investment that will completely pay for our solution, uncover hidden revenue in your practice, and help you move forward with the best EHR available for orthopedic physicians!
Don't you really need a specialist for this critical decision?
Don't wait to get started. Call Phoenix Ortho today and take a step toward an electronic office. To get your customized Return on Investment or request a live demonstration of orthopedic-specific software, contact usat 800-843-8179 opt 1 or fill out "See Phoenix Ortho In Action" demo request form.

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