Celebrating 10 Years as The Gold Standard!

April 13, 2017

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10 Years of Unparalleled Leadership in the Development of Orthopaedic-specific Solutions and Still Raising the Bar for “Gold Standard Orthopaedic EHR”

Phoenix Ortho, considered the Gold Standard in orthopaedic HIT for 10 years, is the only software company to offer a comprehensive suite of products designed exclusively for the needs of orthopaedic practices.  Established as the nation’s only orthopaedic-exclusive EHR, we’ve increased our lead among HIT companies by expanding our product reach to PM, PACS, Patient Portal, Patient Kiosk, and Data Analytics.  We started as the leader and continue to set the standard for orthopaedics.

Celebrate 10 years with us and receive 10% off licensing!

--  To schedule a brief online demo of Phoenix Kiosk and Phoenix Ortho all-in-one EHR, PACS and PM, please fill out the form here or if you prefer, reach our Sales team by calling (800) 843-8179, ext. 116. 

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