Come See Phoenix Ortho at the LOA 2019 Annual Meeting

Posted by Phoenix Ortho Team on February 13, 2019


The 2019 Louisiana Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting (or LOA 2019) is just around the corner, and Phoenix Ortho will be there once again to showcase our orthopaedic-specific Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This annual meeting of Louisiana-based orthopaedic surgeons, clinic managers, and other industry experts represents a great opportunity to gather, share information, and learn about exciting new orthopaedic technologies and solutions.

Why Should You Attend the LOA 2019 Annual Meeting?

So, of all 2019 orthopaedic conferences why should you attend LOA 2019?

LOA, as usual, will not disappoint with bringing industry experts and orthopaedic solution vendors to share the latest techniques and technologies—ones that can help you increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes for your clinic.

In fact, Phoenix Ortho will be there to showcase our orthopaedic-specific EHR solution, which incorporates:

  • Intelligent Adaptability. The Phoenix Ortho EHR uses machine learning algorithms to “learn” how individual orthopaedic surgeons perform diagnoses and treatments. It can then adapt to each practitioner’s preferences to recognize and present specific order sets.
  • Integrated Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). Where many other EHRs are separate from PACS solutions and live on different databases, the Phoenix Ortho EHR software is completely integrated with our proprietary PACS solution to minimize imaging order mistakes, mouse clicks, 3rd party interfaces and associated fees, and save time. Why should physicians have to open a 3rd party PACS to view diagnostic imaging? We store images with the patient chart, where they SHOULD be stored!
  • Patient-Facing Kiosk Solution. The Phoenix Kiosk saves time, money, and headaches on patient paperwork by allowing patients to sign in electronically using a tablet—no need for manual copying, faxing, and filing of health histories and other patient information. Everything is automatically logged and linked for evaluation and management (E&M) coding as well.

Another compelling reason for attending LOA 2019 is that it is a good opportunity to engage in ongoing orthopaedic surgeon education by conferring with hundreds of other members of the field. All told, the event organizers are expecting more than 200 orthopaedic surgeons to join the event—making this a prime opportunity to converse and share information with your orthopaedic practice peers.

Will we see you at LOA?

This year’s Louisiana Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting will take place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, LA on Feb. 15 & 16th.

Phoenix Ortho will be at Table 36, just to the left of the central entrance.

Throughout the event, exhibitors will share their insights and solutions to major orthopaedic clinic challenges as well as meet with event attendees to answer specific questions… and don’t forget that Phoenix Ortho is THE ONLY COMPREHENSIVE EHR VENDOR to support LOA and we will be ready to show you how having an orthopaedic-specific all-in-one EHR WILL make all the difference in your clinic’s workflow!

Are you ready to improve your orthopaedic clinic’s efficiency, save time, and reclaim your day? If so, join Phoenix Ortho at the LOA 2019 annual meeting! Or, contact us directly to discuss our orthopaedic-specific EHR solution now.

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